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2 min readFeb 10, 2022


As a man you probably don’t think about obesity being caused by pregnant women eating quantities of free glutamate in processed food. But think again. Because that same free glutamate ingested by pregnant women also lies at the root of the world’s infertility crisis.

True, infertility has many causes. Failure to eat a healthy diet is one of them. Breathing in toxic chemicals is another. An accident could be the third. But when a pregnant woman delivers more glutamate to her child during pregnancy then needed for normal development, the Jekyll and Hyde amino acid L-glutamate will destroy the part of the brain that was designed to oversee reproductive function.

Let me save you the trouble of trying to disprove this claim. There are no data with which you can do that, first, because to date no one other than myself has considered that glutamate-induced brain damage plays a role in both the obesity epidemic and the infertility crisis. Second, studies that allege to have demonstrated that monosodium glutamate is “safe” are flawed to the point of being fraudulent — as in using excitotoxic amino acids, which produce adverse reactions identical to those caused by MSG, in placebos. It is the U.S. producer of the flavor-enhancer monosodium glutamate, not neuroscientists interested in the role of free glutamate in brain function, that have produced those badly flawed studies.

Should you have interest in reviewing data on the subject you’ll find it summarized in “Getting to the root of obesity”and spelled out in detail in “Glutamic acid: the Jekyll and Hyde molecule behind the obesity epidemic.”

And don’t be fooled by the titles of those papers. Both infertility and obesity are caused by glutamate-induced brain damage done to the vulnerable brains of fetuses and newborns. The mechanisms are identical.

Adrienne Samuels


Review of animal data offered inappropriately as evidence that MSG is harmless

Getting to the root of obesity”

Glutamic acid: the Jekyll and Hyde molecule behind the obesity epidemic”



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